Day Tours from Split City

For those with limited time in Split, please see our short tour options Short tours. We can cram a lot of fascinating experience into just a few hours …

Alternatively, if you have a little more time, experience all that Croatia has to offer with a day tour. We only take fully guided small group tours and always in our immaculate, fully air-conditioned/WIFI minibuses. Our range of day tours take you to some of the best locations close to Split, and some a little further away, providing an authentic Croatian experience. Whether it’s a boat trip to discover beautiful golden sands on an island close to SplitBrac Island tour, a fascinating foodie tour to StonSton Tour , a dip into an entirely different culture in Mostar Mostar Tour or a historical trip to Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Tour, we offer something for everybody.

If you fancy some white water rafting Rafting for Foodiesor Zip-lining Zip-lining for Foodiesand then an amazing lunch at an authentic rural family restaurant tucked away in the hills outside Omis – they make all their own wines, hams and cheese and you can not only eat/drink as much of it as you like but you get the chance to have the famous “peka” – we have the tour for you !!!

If exploring the local viticulture and of course the obligatory sampling of some of the local wines, cheeses, olives etc is more your thing – we have the wonderful Wine Buff’s Choice tour Wine Buff’s Choice Tour. If you need a local Croatian Festival to go with your wine Festivals Tours – highly recommended – we have a wild pirate night, medieval knight’s jousting tournament, some very competitive boat racing through spectacular scenery or absurd donkey racing to choose from – see the Gecko Festivals options.