Food and Wine Tours

Are you interested in Croatian food and Wine? For us foodies, at Gecko there is no better way to really understand the locals than via an understanding of their food culture. Croatia is famous for it’s fresh seafood, with a Dalmatian delicacy being octopus or the famous Peka – The Peka explained!
Join us on a food and wine tour to savour some of Croatia’s wonderful food and wine that we guarantee will appeal to all food enthusiasts or in fact anybody that enjoys a good wine and local produce The Wine Buff’s Choice
Our tours allow you to experience local family restaurants, local viticulture and wines and locally produced organic olive oil. We also take you to food markets to sample some of the delicious fresh food in Split Split for Foodies tour.
If oysters are your thing, why not join us for our tour of Ston where you can eat oysters plucked straight from the sea to your heart’s content Ston and Mali Ston.