Salona-Klis-Trogir Tour

Eur 60 Per person


  • Visit a treasure trove of Roman ruins in the ancient city of Salona
  • The medieval fortress at Klis is set in a stunning location overlooking Split and its surrounds and will be familiar to lovers of the ‘Game of Thrones’ TV series.
  • Enjoy a walk around the beautiful UNESCO listed town of Trogir
  • Optional lunch at the ethno-eco village of Radošić
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For lovers of history and archeology, there is a wealth of medieval and Roman history to be found in the immediate surrounds of Split. On our first stop we’ll visit the ancient ruins in Salona, which was the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia about 2000 years ago, as well as being one of the five biggest towns in Roman empire. From here we’ll travel to the village of Klis, which is home to an imposing medieval fortress, perched high on a hilltop. This fortress became castle to many Croatian kings and served as a defence against the Ottoman invasion during the early 16th century.

More latterly, it has featured in the blockbuster television series “Game of Thrones”. Next, we head to Trogir, a city which has had 2300 years of cultural and architectural influence by Greeks, Romans, Venetians and Austrians. In 1997, Trogir was recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. At the end of this tour, we will stop for an optional lunch in the ethno–eco village of Radošić, before heading back to Split.


  • Pickup at 08h00
  • Arrive in Salona to visit Roman ruins
  • Visit the ancient fortress at Klis
  • Travel to the UNESCO listed town of Trogir
  • Optional lunch at ethno-eco village of Radošić
  • Return to Split at 19h00
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