Overnight Tours from Split

Overnight tours from Split

For those with an interest in the wider area’s history, culture and scenic beauty, an overnight trip is perfect for you.

Journey from Split to Kotor in Montenegro, a beautiful medieval town wedged in between the mountains and looking out across the glittering bay to the Adriatic beyond. We take on the jewel of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik – on our way back with a fully guided tour of this City.

We also tour to Sarajevo, Bosnia, via the wonderful City of Mostar. Regrettably, most known as the City which marked the outbreak of WW1, its has so much more to offer and see… We take you on a fascinating historical roller-coaster tour from the early 20th century though to the equally troubled 1990’s but its so well worth a visit.

Both journeys include a fully guided tour in our great fully AC/WIFI buses with inexpensive and hand picked accommodation in local charming local hotels.

Finally, we offer a fully guided 7 day private package of the Dalmatian area including a day tour to Mostar, Bosnia. Included in the price is some great local accommodation in Split plus all tours to Krka national park, Dubrovnik, Salona, Klis, Omis and of course Split. Don’t be tempted by the big tour operators and their impersonal service – we’ll take very good care of you to make this trip to our region very special and unforgettable.


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4.9 out of 5 stars

michelle griffin
michelle griffin

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 days ago

On my recent trip to Croatia, I booked three separate tours with Gecko: the Split walking tour, Game of Thrones tour and the Krka waterfalls trip.
Marin was the guide for the walking tour. He was extremely knowledgeable, entertaining and was good at involving everyone. It was at night so not everything was visible but much of the palace was lit and made for some really nice photographs. I would recommend going during the day however as there is an opportunity to take pictures of the whole city from a high point.
Game of Thrones tour was led by Tonci. He took us to Klis Fortress (the city of Marreen), the Free City of Bravos and showed us many different places inside of Diocletian’s Palace where scenes had been filmed. He brought photos of scenes that helped to put the locations in perspective and was even nice enough to take photos of group members in those locations.
Ivana took us to Krka waterfalls. What a beautiful and amazing experience. It was a long day out in nature. Climbing the 99 stairs to overlook the silver necklaces at Roski Slop was probably the most physically challenging and rewarding thing I’ve done in a while and the van ride through the countryside incredible. (See Ivana? Different adjectives!)The trip was topped off with a stop to see Baldo’s father. He makes this amazing alcohol (that I cannot spell ) and had put out bottles for each of us to sample as well as some cookies. He even took me inside his house to show me photos of his kids and grandkids. Such a sweet man. It was an honor to meet him. This trip is a very long day so come prepared with water. Maybe even lunch though there are restaurants open at both waterfall sites. And don’t forget sunblock!
All in all, every tour that I took with this company was fantastic. Each was small group, I think we had five at the maximum, Which makes for a very personal tour for everyone involved. There was no time that I thought I did not get my moneys worth or that I felt needed an improving upon. Thank you all for such a great time!

Graham Hartley
Graham Hartley

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

We did the walking tour of split and found it very informative as it covered the old town and the palace. The guide was great and answered any questions we had. Highly recommended. The price was reasonable and they even stored our bags.

Mandy Salmon
Mandy Salmon

5 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

This tour was incredible! Ask for Petra. She was very knowledgeable and tailored the tour to what I was interested in and even spent longer with me than the 1.5 hours. I learned so much about split and Croatia in general. Petra is local and her boss lives right in the old town so they are very knowledgeable about life in Split .

Overnight tours from Split City, Croatia
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Overnight tours from Split City, Croatia
We provide overnight small group tours from Split City, Croatia including a fascinating tour to Mostar and Sarajevo, Bosnia and another to Dubrovnik, Croatia and Kotor, Montenegro.
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