Split palace and markets foodies tour


If you are looking for things to do in Split that includes a great overview of the city’s history, sights and sounds whilst focusing, though not exclusively, on Croatian foods and traditions, we have a wonderful Split food tour for you. This tour also includes a guided outline tour of Diocletian’s palace in Split.

Our Split food tour gets underway with a visit to the oldest bakery in Split – they use no preservatives and their produce is great. Just to be sure we eat some delicious pastries. We also road test some wonderful home-made chocolates.

We pass the famous Villa Spiza, visited and praised by Rick Stein in his Venice to Istanbul series and a highly prized Split restaurant by the locals. Their menu changes daily and they’ll only cook what’s fresh on the day!

Our Split culinary tour heads to the 120 year old bustling Split fish-market, noting the magnificent Bokerie restaurant en-route which serves a modern twist on traditional Dalmatian food. We speak to Split locals at the fish-market to understand their daily lives and of course, we are obliged to sample some of their tasty products.

Our Split food tour then turns for Varos, a very atmospheric part of Split and we visit the Sperun Tavern, a traditional Split restaurant where Michael Palin on his visit to Split, exclaimed that he had “never had a better meal”.

Then we walk to Matejuska, Split, the original fisherman’s harbour of Split before turning back to the Uje bar, Split to sample delicious local oils – each provenance fully explained. Above, our very own Tessa Robinson enjoys a glass of wine at the Uje bar with Ashley Colburn the film producer and food blogger.

Our Split tour takes in Diocletian’s palace, Split and we explain the life and times of the Emperor Diocletian, what he would have eaten, his predilection for growing cabbages and more generally what he did for the people of Split, Croatia. You’ll enjoy a guided outline historical tour of the Palace.

Finally, we tour the fantastic Split vegetable market where locals fervently call out their wares. It’s all fresh produce and simply delicious. We learn how locals cook, what the seasonal delicacies are and what foods they should accompany. We try out some local hams and cheeses and how they are prepared which will leave you in no doubt that

Croatia is a very richly gastronomic part of the world.
What’s more, you’ll not only be historically wiser for this tour, but you’ll know precisely where the best restaurants in Split are for dinner!

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EUR 50 per person / EUR 45 per child

A minimum number of 2 people required.



This tours leaves from our Split office at 9am and returns about 11.30am/midday.
We wander through the streets of Split noting the many points of interest and great eateries. We visit Split’s fish market, speak with the locals, try some of their produce before being invited to try a range of indigenous olive oils and breads. Then we visit the Green market and try their cured hams and cheeses before you enjoy a guided outline tour of Diocletian’s palace.
Our guide is at your disposal throughout.


Expert guides with excellent English
Admire the night’s catch and watch local life
Admire the lesser known, historical parts of Split away from the palace area
Enjoy a range of local Croatian olive oils and have their provenance explained
See the locals exhibiting their wares, bargaining and bustling for deals and try some local cheese and ham.
Ready to book your next tour around Split, Croatia? We guarantee you’ll have a great time!