Corona Virus in Croatia and Split

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14 cases of coronavirus have now been conformed in Croatia, with the latest case discovered in the city of Pula. Early today the thirteenth patient was confirmed in Pula and now another case has arisen connected to that first case. It is believed that both people recently arrived from northern Italy. Split has no confirmed cases of Corono virus.

The fourteenth case of coronavirus in Croatia was confirmed by the Infectious Diseases Clinic “Dr. Fran Mihaljevic” in Zagreb, and the new patient is hospitalized in the Municipality of Pula.

Now Croatia has five cases in Rijeka, four in Varaždin, three in the capital Zagreb and now two in Pula. So far no cases of coronavirus have been detected in southern Croatia.

And as of today all of the member states of the European Union have officially confirmed cases of COVID-19. The last country to resist the onset of coronaviruses today confirmed the first two cases. This is Cyprus, which has not had any recorded cases so far.

Corona Virus in Croatia and Split
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Corona Virus in Croatia and Split
Corona Virus in Croatia and Split
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