Split rafting for foodies – an experience with the Gecko not to miss …

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The Gecko has teamed up with some wonderfully enthusiastic people to provide Split rafting for foodies offering wonderful rafting – either on its own or as part of our very popular Rafting for Foodies tour:
where you get to fill yourself with some wonderful Croatian food and wine after all that energetic rafting – all cooked you for by a local Croatian family in their small restaurant high in the hills above Omis. There you get to try the famous Peka
– see our blog on the subject!!!!


About the team

Our partner in crime for Split rafting for foodies are Heike & Neno. A German-Croatian couple who combines their love and passion for their job with high professionalism – some would say a very typical German-Croatian characteristic but the Gecko, being politically correct, casts no such aspersions. They are both world travellers, met in New Zealand and are now exploring the world together during their off season time. So from wherever you are in the world, most likely one of them has been there too!

Neno has been travelling the world (more than 70 countries) as an international rafting guide and a professional photographer for years now ! “Passionate” is the word that describes him best. He has been practicing rafting for 15 years and has guiding experience on the most beautiful rivers on the planet in Costa Rica, Nepal, Bali and Columbia to name a few…

Heike Sahacker is a nature lover and a world traveller as well, she has visited more than 50 countries. She also has a real talent for organisation. She used to have a career in management in her home country that she quit to follow her dreams elsewhere.

These people love what they do. Working with people from all around the world and giving them a unique experience when rafting on one of the most beautiful spots in the world (and they have seen a lot) is a gift that keeps on giving. Further, with Neno being a professional photographer, they can provide you high class pictures from the trip.

About the trip on Split rafting for foodies

This is a 10 kilometres descent and will take an average of slightly more than 3 hours to complete. You will enjoy several stops along the way for swimming, voluntary jumping from the rocks into the deep river, spotting wild animals and plant life, showering under a waterfall, drinking water sources and then passing through a beautiful water cave.


We’ll take you to explore a cave with fresh spring water, stalactites and stalagmites, entering through a waterfall and swim through a crystal clear lake. For a better experience, we only go as a small group as we don’t want to loose the unique feeling of this experience. It is for our guests, after the reactions of previous guests, perhaps the most beautiful and the most amazing part of this trip.

After passing under a waterfall you will enter the first room, from daylight magically lighted, and swim about 12 meters through fresh spring water. Then you will enter another area full of stalactites, stalagmites with a small stream of fresh water. In the middle of the cave are several small lakes fed by tiny waterfalls containing crystal clear drinking water. At the end of the cave you will find another waterfall that covers the exit, gently, just like a curtain. It is the perfect spot to take some pictures!
Then comes the second part of the Split rafting for foodies activity for which you paddle your way through the beautiful and exciting rapids for 5 kilometres. You will then stop at the canyon “Tisne Stine” for another swim and jump from 4 to 5 metres in height and into 6 meters deep water; but only if you want to.Once the descent is completed you will take some time to have some snacks and to look at the pictures and raise a toast to your magical adventure on the river Cetina!