Peka – The Gecko explains a local delicacy

Steven Publicity


One of the absolute favourite dishes of the area is the Dalmatian Peka, So what is a Peka, well a Peka is a baked dish with meat and vegetables made in a pot or a tray, the pot is put into the embers of a fireplace, in many houses here in Dalmatia, especially in the country side, you have a special place in the barn or at the ground floor of the house for preparing your Peka.

Peka is an absolute top dish of the area, something which is put on the table when there are special guests in the house and we at Gecko can tell you it is absolutely delicious. Our personal favourite is the Veal Peka the meat gets so soft it melts.

One of the interesting things about Peka is that you can make it with any kind of meat you like – in some restaurants you normally have option to choose between several kinds of meet like, veal, chicken, lamb and octopus.It takes hours to prepare but the longer the better in our view as all those flavours imbue the potato and veg – wonderful!!

Unfortunately you’ll struggle to get it in Split with its often crowded restaurants, especially in the season as it takes so long to prepare but we know a place where you can enjoy it whilst drinking as much as you like of home made wines and spirits and enjoying home made hams and cheeses all in the setting of a local family Konoba or restaurant set high in the hills outside Split.

You can enjoy this after some great rafting down the Cetina river or ziplining (see links below) if you like or just go straight here via a short call-off at Omis – a small fishing town outside Split. Not to be missed – we promise you – there is simply no better day out for a hungry family!!

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