Split Nights of Diocletian 2018 – August 30 – September 2 2018

Steven Publicity

This blog is in respect of the 2018 season. Each year, dates vary a bit and the 2019 dates are not known at the time of writing. Rest assured, we’ll be there in 2019 so come and join us!!!

Split Nights of Diocletian 2018. Roman legions lining the streets, people milling around in togas, fanfare music sounding from every corner of the palace, drum banging ominously on the streets, great street food and much more … It’s a full on Roman experience both during the day and night and a lot of it set in Diocletian’s Palace in Split. The festival envelops the total City of Split so shred those shorts and T-shirts, grab the nearest toga and party like the Romans … Join us for a walking tour of the City (not only the undoubted best but probably the lowest price 90 min tour of Split)and we’ll tell you how to get the most of this annual festival.
Split City Walking Tour
Great for young and old, families, singles and couples – don’t miss it!
Video – Nights of Diocletian