Split Zip-lining for foodies – the Gecko’s away-day explained …

Steven Publicity

The Gecko team – well some of the lucky ones – had a great away-day in mid September 2017 Zip-lining high in the hills outside Split and the Gecko just wanted to give you a brief rundown of that day …

Well, we started out from split soon after lunch – a beautiful sunny late summer afternoon in Split. We were joined by journalists from the local newspaper. We headed out of Split and were soon high in the hills above Split where few tourists ever travel. Up and up we went and the views became extraordinary, far out across the turquoise seas across to the island of Brac and fay beyond. Still up we went … we jumped out the Gecko bus and were met by Mladen, the owner of the zip-line.

He explained that he had just opened the new 2,500 meter zip-lining course and it had taken him 2 years to construct and get the many certificates and safety requirements in place. He’s an experienced zip-liner having set up a similar construction some time ago.

This is untrammelled land and is quite simply beautiful in its remoteness and stillness. Then we’re off – we have the zip-ling garb strapped to us, some initial safety instructions and we’re standing at the 1st platform ready to go. I have to say a little heart in mouth as the people in front of us rapidly disappear high above the ground at breakneck speed of 50-60km per hour – just hold onto the cartridge, whistle dixy and we’ll see you at the other end explains the guy running the line.

Yeah right, I’m off and after a few seconds, my fears vanish and I’m enjoy every second of the exhilarating experience. Then, as I approach the receiving platform, the break is applied and I’m brought to a gentle halt, if a little inelegantly, by a bunch of great young guys who operate the ride.

Im not small!!! but they are up to the challenge. We take a short walk and then we’re off again onto the next Zip-line 6 wonderful journeys in all – in some of the greatest tranquil and still landscape I’ve ever been in. Then we’re at the final zip-line – 800 meters in all – and my new found confidence is sorely tested.

This is the latest and longest line yet and we hit speeds of nearly 60kms per hour far, far above the pine trees. The smell is intoxicating. Then we traverse a wonderful high-rise suspension bridge and we’re back at the Gecko bus. Fantastic … but all the mountain air and adrenalin has given us an appetite … so we’re off to a local Konoba (restaurant) high in the hills above Omis where the Gojsalic family have quite a treat for us …


The Gojsalic family (3 generations, including their 80 something grandmother) live off the land as they have done for centuries (in itself fascinating to observe as it’s a lifestyle I have seldom seen) and have the wonderfully atmospheric Konoba to the side of their house which they warmly welcome you to.

Miro is chef-patron and has it to an art. They’ve just harvested the grapes which lie in huge vats inside the Konoba and the smell of early fermentation is alluring. The home-made wine and rakija (spirits of various local herbs and fruits) is out on the table together with copious amounts of local ham, cheeses and figs. I eat too well not suspecting what is to follow – the Peka!!

A local dish of potatoes and veal slow cooked for about 3 hours, the potatoes are superbly cameralised and the meat just drops off the bone. Its cooked in a covered bell-pan and left in the ashes of a fire to work its magic. The pan is enormous and I tuck in but this is not for the faint hearted – very soon Im looking at it, wanting more but I’m just too full.

Still, I have another shot or two of rakija and a large glug of some great red wine to console myself and soon and Im examining and being informed of the use of some of the old and peculiar agricultural tools and devises adorning the wall. The days activities are catching up on me – not helped by my latest shot of herb rakija – and I need my bed.

Im back in the bus and heading back to Split where I arrive about 30 mins later.

What a day … Im asleep pretty quickly, dreaming of the peak and the further damage I could have done to that! A highly, highly recommended small tour Gecko outing for families and groups of friends who fancy some great views, stunning countryside, adrenalin rushes all topped by some amazing authentic food and drinks.

If Zip-lining is all too scary for you, you can do the Gecko rafting for foodies tour where you take on the more gentle Cetina river for some 3 hours stunning rafting before ending up at the same Konoba. Just do it and it will go down as one of the most memorable experiences you’ve ever had – it will make your holiday!!!

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