If you are thinking of a Split to Mostar tour or visiting the fascinating City of Sarajevo why not combine them on this two-day tour from Split, Croatia.

For visitors who have a wider interest in Bosnia and wish to explore its varied history in more depth, this tour from Split will be a real treat.

We travel from Split to Sarajevo, infamous as the site which sparked the outbreak of WW1. More latterly, besieged and on the edge of annihilation in the 1990s, during the war in Bosnia and Hertzegovina, this tour is a must for those with a wider interest in the colourful history of the Balkans. We provide a potted history of Sarajevo to provide some background.

Today, Sarajevo’s restored historic centre is full of welcoming cafes and interesting Ottoman style buildings with the bullet holes largely plastered over as a poignant reminder of Sarajevo’s past. Sarajevo boasts a curious architectural mixture of Ottoman and Austro–Hungarian buildings.

We’ll be shown around the city by an expert local Sarajevo guide and stay at a small, hand-picked and inexpensive hotel overnight.

In the morning our tour from Split heads off to Mostar, Bosnia. Mostar is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Mostar is famous for the impressive Ottoman–style bridge spanning the Neretva river, which was destroyed during the war in Bosnia and Hertzegovina but subsequently rebuilt.

There are still reminders of the legacy of that war in the street art and damaged buildings to be found around Mostar, but you will also be impressed by the wonderful spirit of Mostar’s people and its dramatic beauty.

The buzz of the local Mostar bazaar offers a great shopping opportunity and you might even be lucky enough to witness daredevil diving from the bridge during the season.

After lunch (oh … and Bosnian food is fantastic!) the tour returns from Mostar to Split and you will return to likely to end with your return to Split in the early evening of Day 2.

You will be accompanied by our expert guide throughout.

Sarajevo and Mostar

Price per person: EUR 248.00. Minimum numbers may apply.

Split to Mostar and Sarajevo Tour – Summary

The tour starts at our offices
Take a historical city tour
A fantastic 4 star hotel right in the middle of downtown Sarajevo.
Enjoy the markets and take in some of tastes and sounds of the east.


Expert guides with excellent English
Comfortable vehicles with wifi and air-conditioning
Extensive tour of Sarajevo and war tunnels with a local guide
Overnight stay in small, atmospheric local hotel – Hotel Central, Sarajevo. We arrange the booking – you pay at check-in. Prices are typically EUR 100 per night, double room.
We’ll recommend restaurants – we leave the decision to you …
Entirely at your discretion
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Overnight tour to Sarajevo and Mostar from Split
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January 13, 2019
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December 31, 2021
Join us for a tour to Mostar and Sarajevo from Split. All our tours are small group, fully guided experiences.
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