Some useful facts in and about Split – The Geckos lends a hand on the basics…

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Practical information and advice

Ambulance: 94
Fire: 93
Police: 92
Roadside Help (equivalent of the AA): 987
(00385 1 987 from a foreign mobile phone)
There is also a single countrywide number
for all emergencies: 112
There are medical centres in all major towns and on the main islands.

The tap water in Croatia is perfectly drinkable

Time difference
Croatia is 1 hour ahead of the UK and 6 hours behind the East Coast US. To find out the time in any other city when you’re in Croatia follow the following link:Time Zone

Mobile Phone use in Croatia
Mobiles from all the main UK/other European operators will be hosted by local network providers and should work perfectly well in Croatia.

Post Offices in Croatia
Most major post offices are open from 7am-7pm Monday to Friday

Weather in Croatia
Checkout the following site for up to date weather forecasts in Split, Croatia by the hour up to 10 day forecast:Split Weather forecast


Checkout the following site for easy rate conversion from Croatian currency (Kuna) to other currencies and visa versa:
Croatian Currency Converter

The language
Checkout the following site for some basic phrases, and restaurant/hotel lingo with accompanying pronunciation:
Basic Croatian for tourists